Linkperson Scheme

The aim of the VASGBI Linkperson Scheme is to maintain links and enhance communication between VASGBI members throughout the UK and Ireland. In fact, we have members from around the world so the Linkperson scheme may well go global! The VASGBI Committee undertakes many important initiatives on behalf of the organisation and its members. To be effective these require the continuing participation of and input from all members. This is a two-way process and we would like you to also feedback to us your expectations and suggestions for the Society. We, with your help, would like to develop a vascular anaesthesia community which works collaboratively to share expert ideas and develop our specialist clinical practice.

We are aiming to identify a Linkperson in every major NHS vascular centre. We currently have approximately 65% of NHS vascular centres with an identified Linkperson. Names of identified Linkperson's can by found by following the link below. If you know of any colleagues at centres which don't currently have a Linkperson identified please do let us know by emailing myself Manik Chandra and Jane Heppenstall.