VASGBI might support surveys of relevance to Vascular Anaesthesia. There will be a maximum of 2 surveys approved per year and only one survey can be active at a time.

Any survey intended to be conducted via VASGBI must first be reviewed by the Research & Audit Sub-Committee to ensure that it is of an appropriate standard and is suitable for distribution to VASGBI members.

The survey must be supported by a Consultant member of VASGBI from the hosting institution. The survey, with a heading paragraph and a covering letter succinctly outlining the background and aims (should be emailed to for the attention of the Chair of the Research & Audit Sub-Committee.

Once reviewed and if accepted, the author will be informed and an online survey should be set up incorporating any changes recommended by the Research & Audit Sub-Committee. The final version must then be sent to the Research & Audit Sub-committee once again for final review.

Once accepted, the survey will be distributed by email to the VASGBI members. After activation, there will be a time limit of 1 month for completion of the survey. A reminder email will be sent to VASGBI members at 2 weeks to encourage participation.

Following completion of the survey, a summary of the results should be sent to the Chair of the VASGBI Research & Audit Sub-Committee and the author should submit an abstract of the survey at the following VASGBI Annual Scientific Meeting (which will be reviewed as any other abstract).