Joint Grant - VASGBI/ACTACC/BJA 2020

The NIAA are co-ordinating a grant jointly funded by the Association for Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Critical Care (ACTACC), the Vascular Anaesthesia Society of Great Britain & Ireland (VASGBI), and the British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA) / Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) up to the value of £75,000 available.

The BJA, ACTACC and VASGBI are delighted to co-fund this ACTACC/VASGBI/BJA grant in order to provide pump priming to facilitate the collection of pilot or feasibility data with the improved chance of achieving high quality, competitive and larger grants in the future.

Conditions and Information

1. This jointly funded grant is intended to support research in anaesthesia and perioperative care of patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery. Preference will be given to projects relevant to both cardiac and vascular surgery.

2. Applications may be for salaries or for the purchase of items of equipment (as described below) and consumable items.

3. The work may be done within the NHS, in an academic clinical department or a university science department. If you are unsure about eligibility, please enquire:

4. Applicants should indicate whether they have sought support for their project from locally available research funds, or from other bodies, prior to or at the same time of this application.

5. Salaries may be payable in the form of part-time Fellowships for doctors and salaries for technicians, trial managers, research nurses or other assistants. Superannuation and National Insurance contributions should be included.

6. Applicants cannot expect the funding partners to purchase basic equipment e.g. word processors except under very exceptional circumstances. Requests for specialised equipment may be supported, but evidence must be given that the expertise to use the equipment is available.  Running costs and maintenance of equipment must be considered and the funding partner must be reassured that they are reasonable and sufficient to allow the equipment to be used for the duration of the grant. A competitive quotation and reasons for choice should be provided. VAT should be included where appropriate.

7. All equipment remains the property of the funding partner and must be labelled as such. At the end of the project the equipment will be donated to the Department but should continue to be labelled with the source of provision. It is the express wish of the funding partners that any equipment will continue to be used for research purposes.

8. Funding partners decline to contribute to any other indirect costs.

9. Funding partners decline to consider requests for conference travel.

10. Funding partners also ask applicants to note that they will wish to share any intellectual property rights and income arising from this work with the host institution.

11. Applicants should indicate their qualifications and experience to carry out the project, and the amount of time devoted to work on the project. Those holding trainee appointments should have a consultant as a co-applicant or supervisor. Clinical and research experience relevant to the field of paediatric anaesthesia should be highlighted in the curriculum vitae. 

12. Applicants should demonstrate the feasibility of the study by showing that any necessary resources are available and outline previous relevant scientific work performed at the Host Institution.

13. It is a condition for any NIAA facilitated grant-holder to submit annual reports on the outcomes of their awarded grant through the Researchfish Impact Assessment platform:

14. Results must be submitted for presentation at the ACTACC or VASGBI Annual Meeting within 12 months of completion of the project.

15. Presentations and publications resulting from the project must acknowledge ACTACC, VASGBI and BJA/RCoA as a funding source.

16. The research must adhere to current guidelines for human and/or laboratory research and relevant details should be included in the application.


To apply for the ACTACC/VASGBI/BJA/RCoA Joint Research Grant please download and complete the application form

Guidance and FAQs are available here:  

Submission details and the deadline for the next round of available grants will be available soon. 

Please be advised that incomplete, unsigned or late applications will not be considered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the full application is successfully uploaded before the closing date. You will receive an automated acknowledgment email once your application has been received by us. Note that there is no longer any requirement to submit a hard copy of your application.

The NIAA administers the grant awarding process on behalf of its partner organisations. Grant applications and the personal data of applicants will be shared with those organisations on the basis of legitimate interests for processing the funding linked to an award and fulfilling ongoing reporting requirements.

Contact us with any queries on applying for NIAA funding.